The Unforgiving Servant

I do not know if there is anything better than being forgiven. On the other hand, I do not know if there is anything harder than the act of forgiving.

Letting go of hate, hurt, pain, and anger – seems impossible most days. As true as this is – forgiveness is both a gift that has been given to us and a call that Christ has placed on us. This Sunday we will look at the call to forgiveness and seek help in our efforts to let go.

About Midway Admin

My husband, Joe, and I moved to Georgia in 2004 from San Diego, CA where were both raised and where our parents still live. Joe and I did not grow up in the faith – and, it wasn’t until we moved to Georgia that we were baptized and Jesus took root in our lives and changed everything. I know first hand what it is like to live life without God and I know how hopeless, empty, and broken life can seem. I know how lonely life can be without the beauty of community. And, I also know that, with Jesus, all of these things can change – radically. My greatest desire in life is to help people understand that there is more to life than this – both for non-Believers and Believers alike.