Each church is part of the Body of Christ - created by God to do the work of God. Midway has been working to shine God's light and love to a world in need since 1836. Our prayer and desire is to keep doing the work of God that we are uniquely created to do.

The History of Midway United Methodist Church

The Midway United Methodist Church was organized in 1836. It was a new church built “midway” between a church beyond what is now known as Carl, and Corinth Church which was located on Kilcrease Road. In later years several graves were moved from Corinth to Midway cemetery. Some graves are still there. The deed of Midway Church is dated July 3, 1846. The land. four (4) acres was purchased for the sum of $4.00. At that time it was in Gwinnett County. In April, 1856, one acre was bought for $2.00 for the cemetery. During this time people walked or rode in wagons to church.


Our Vision

We are a church on a mission!

In July of 2021, Pastor Alissa joined Midway as our lead Pastor and we began the process of discerning what God has in store for Midway in this next season of ministry.

We believe that God has a specific calling on every church body and has specifically equipped each church to do a unique work. Our desire is to follow God’s plan for our church.

We will be holding three churchwide Vision Team meetings (September 12th, October 10th, November 14th – all at 2PM) where we will discuss together what our church values and context are and what particular strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses are facing us right now.

At the culmination of these meetings, we will have a Vision Statement that will guide our decisions and work as a community.